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Hello, I'm Eli Duncan Sterling Duval I'm 15 years old and currently go to Dalton Academy. Same as my dads did. That's right I have two dads and I don't care what anyone thinks. I love them. I have an older sister Skye and older brother Lewis.

They are always looking out for me.

Well, I'm not the best student and I fool around a lot but I get fairly decent grades. I like making people laugh. Maybe one day I will be a famous comedian.

I just got accepted in the warblers. It's been pretty fun though the student council is a bit strict and seem to be on my case for everything I do.

(Indie rp FC: Colin Ford)

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I was sorry I fell asleep  xD 


• O P E N •


Relieved, she quickly took his hand and went outside, a grateful smile on her face. “Thanks for that! I’m Kait, by the way. And you are?”


He smiled and helped her out. “You’re welcome, nice to meet you Kait. um I’m Eli. H-How did you get trapped in there?” He wondered aloud.

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Sure what did you have in mind?


fandomxgirls submitted: Haha. Awesome! He was near where i live for a car show and they filmed Under The Dome near where I live too so. Haha

That’s awesome! Did you get to meet him :D he’s really great huh? 




"—…" He’s just going to sit there and let the sadness consume him.

What’s wrong?

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fandomxgirls submitted: I love you no OMG STAHP it SO MANY COLIN FCS IM IN HEAVEN

ooc: ahah hi! xD I love colin and I’ve been playing my Eli for a year now I believe :3 but thanks glad you like him. 

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• O P E N •


"No, damn it! Some trickster locked me up from the outside! Please help me, whoever you are!"


"I’m sorry, of course I will. " He smiled as he unlocked the door for her and peered inside offering her his hand.

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Hm well someone whose nice and funny, talkative because I like to talk, and a great cuddler I like a lot of cuddling. 


Autumn & Eli || Coffe Shop



Autumn yawned as she got out of bed and started getting ready for work. She wore a white t shirt with the word LOVE across it and a pair of black skinny jeans. She did her make up and pulled her hair up and she was ready. She walked to work since the coffee shop wasn’t too far away. 

The smell off coffee filled the air as she opened the doors. She put on her work apron and got behind the counter. Today looked like it would be a slower day.

It had been a pretty rough day for Eli, why had he begged his dads to go to public school was the question. He wished he had listened to them but there was nothing he could do now. He clutched his sketch book to his chest as he entered the coffee shop the girl in the front seemed familiar she probably went to his school. but he didn’t talk to many people besides his siblings. 

He gave the girl a smile. “Um hello, can I get a medium mocha with extra cream” He ordered watching the girl in front of him. 

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worldofcreativemindsrp submitted: no worries ^.^ So shall I write the starter? coffee shop or school?

coffee shop :)